Saturday, February 20, 2010

BuckyBalls Are Saving My Life

As a skin picker, one of the best tools you can use are fidget toys. In therapy, I learned that my hands need an immediate response to replace picking. Keeping my hands busy is important to avoiding picking.

So, I tried a number of different fidget toys. But my favorite by far are Bucky Balls. They are tiny little magnetic balls, that you can do anything with.

You can make them into a big string, a square, or just squish them together. It sort of feels like putty, except they are tiny balls.

You just can't put them down. I hold on to them at night, when watching TV.

If you're a skin picker and need a good fidget toy, I can't recommend Bucky Balls enough.

Buy them at local stores, for about $29, or at their website,

Here's a video of some fancy Bucky Ball handiwork:

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